Love lamb? Then you will love our lamb boxes! 

We sell our Jacob, Jacob cross and Herdwick lambs as meat boxes. Because we have a range of different breeds, which all mature at different rates, our boxes are available most of the year.

We have both full and half Lamb Boxes available as well as frozen mince and burgers.

Our boxes are personal to you- your lamb can be cut to suit your individual preferences or needs.


 Full Lamb Box £140

Half Lamb Box £70






All our lamb is bred and born on the farm, then reared on grass for a truly delicious flavour. They are sent to a local abattoir, then cut to your requirements by a local butcher. 

At present we deliver locally or your order can be collected from us. We are looking for a courier service so are lovely lamb can be sent country wide. Watch this space!

Please take a look at our reviews below.

A Full Lamb Box contains:

  • Two legs- various cutting options available

  • Two shoulders- various cutting options available

  • Chops or a rack- Barnsley chops available in full lamb boxes

  • Neck- Perfect for hotpot!

  • Spare ribs

A Half Lamb Box contains:

  • One leg- various cutting options available 

  • One shoulder- various cutting options available

  • Chops or a rack

  • Neck- Perfect for hotpot!

  • Spare ribs

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